• Martin Ruthaivilavan

    Vision and Values

    I have a vested interest in self-directed learning, contemporary practice, and design.



    I believe the opportunity to learn through experience is the most informative way of finding one's purpose.


    "I feel that the moment you think you've got it figured out, then you should tell yourself there's something wrong. You always need to keep innovating." ~ Sir Alex Ferguson




  • Educator

    The greatest challenge facing educators today is allowing students and staff agency. By accepting this changed pedagogical construct, organizations and learning communities have been known to flourish and thrive.


    Learning Innovation Coach

    Mission: Challenge educational organizations to push the boundaries of contemporary teaching and learning. 

    Through active research, it is vital that we are willing to change the way we educate ourselves and our youth for tomorrow. We have to develop a sense of self dependence because everyone has the ability to learn anything they want.


    Mission: To inspire students to learn a personal interest that will build their skills for their future.

    (AMPed) is a pedagogical ideal that focuses on self-directed learning motivated by personal interest as well as metacognition. While this successful SIS program will continue at the secondary building (grades 6-12), we look to further implement AMPed this into lower primary levels.

    3D Printing 

    Mission: Challenge students to construct a 3D printer from scratch.

    Students where given an opportunity to assemble and problem solve the building of a Prusa Mendel II 3D Printer. Following the build of 3D printers, students where put through a challenge using IDEO's Design Thinking pedagogical method to make and print a model.


    Mission: Provide students an opportunity to explore ways to impact their community through planning, building, and initiating a start-up business.

    Students were guided through a wire frame business plan to help them select/or a product and service that would have an instant impact on their student body. The development of their business plan allow them

  • Portfolio

    AMPed Program

    Personal Drive will Lead to Opportunities.

    This documents Autonomous, Mastered, Purposeful education(AMPed's) first two year of learning at Shekou International School. Want to know more?

    We created a field guide that documents AMPed. FREE on Apple Books.


    This document process inspired us to share tangible exemplars of contemporary teaching and learning at #sisrocks.

    We created an Apple Book on contemporary teaching and learning.

    Professional Learning: HACK

    Documented Process of Hacking your Organization

    This showcases how Shekou International School Hacked it's own organization. 


    Change the way we showcase and deliver information to our surrounding community.

    The Share Center is a place where personality and professionalism meet in one single spot.


    Sharing and showcasing tangible examples of learning and innovation at #sisrocks

    Since 2012, we have documented moments of best practices throughout our organization.