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Creating an Identity

When creating a product, program, initiative, or whatever it is you are making out of inspiration, at some stage you will need to think about design.

Why? Well, it's pretty simple really. We are drawn to specific features in nature and we create things with these features to make our eyes simply say, "Yes, I like this, I want this, I need this, and this intrigues me to know more."

Good design is one thing, but great design makes us come back, again and again. This is because the design promotes an identity. An identity that says, "I know this, and I understand what this is and what it represents."

The AMPed (Autonomously Mastered Purposeful education) program recently went through a design process to give a specified audience something with which they could identify, now and in the future.

We went through an agency called Design Crowd. Design Crowd allows you pitch your idea through a briefing that designers will look at to pull your ideas into their creations. The designers create logos from scratch using your specifications. You won't be spending thousands of dollars on just one design; rather, multiple designers are competing to win your contest. You are able to offer feedback and request tweaks on all of the designs which are submitted, and you can eliminate designs at any time. You are also able to put up designs in a polling survey to see what your friends, family, and the general public have to say about the designs that your contestants come up with.

Design Crowd allows you to set the length of your contest. Our total process took about 2 full weeks to complete. It's a lengthy process, but there is a lot that we learned from this. Designers are in it to win it. Design Crowd provides you with multiple ways to get the best designers to work on your design competition, so at some stage you will be overwhelmed with a number of different variations. We viewed about 208 designs, including tweaks to previous designs. In the end you will be happy with what you payed for.

If you have a friend who does great work, this is also another viable option, but be sure to pay them. Designing logos takes time because in the end, it's an identity you are giving your brand.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finalists.

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